What do we mean by “therapeutic add-on”?

We’ve changed a lot of how we talk about our services at Salon Herdis. That’s because we realize that you think about your health and well-being in a more holistic way – and we want to create a salon experience that helps you reach your goals not only to look good, but to feel good too.

We want to take the fuss out of the day spa experience. We realize that vast spa menus with gimmicky services are a thing of the past. That’s why we offer our “core” services – manicures, pedicures, facials and massage. These core services are designed to give you the basics – everything you would expect from a quality professional salon company. Our customized therapeutic add-ons take the experience a step further. They are long-term therapeutic treatments that you can discuss with one of our trained professionals. We use only the most effective and responsible products so that you will see results and improve your overall health in the long-term.

This summer we are featuring therapeutic add-ons from SpaRitual. We chose SpaRitual because they are developing some of the most effective, fairly traded and ecologically responsible spa products on the market.

Our SpaRitual add-ons will compliment our core manicures and pedicures, while helping you solve your concerns – whether it is uneven skin tone in your hands, or poor circulation in your legs.

Unique to SpaRitual are their four states of Slow Beauty – each of which includes a signature scent and color palette that creates a multisensory, aromatherapeutic experience.

Through August 31st – Salon Herdis is offering a complimentary SpaRitual therapeutic add-on. We want you to try this amazing product line for yourself – and tell us what you think.

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