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May FAQ’s from our Skin Therapists: Hormonal Breakouts

This month’s FAQ features treatments for hormonal skin concerns from Indigo Boroski

Hormonal acne occurs when there is a fluctuation in your estrogen and progesterone hormones. These pesky flare ups pop up (pun intended) around your chin and jawline. They mainly consist of red, painful bumps that may not even turn into a whitehead. This can be linked to many causes, much of which revolve around your fertility. Once you hit your 20’s you’re in your peak for fertility, which in turn means your hormones are also fluctuating. Around this time you also may start experiencing these flare ups around your menstrual cycle. After your 20’s your skin may begin to balance back out, but many women begin to experience flare ups again in their 50’s due to menopause!

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March FAQ from our Spa Coordinator: Exfoliation

We took a survey among our estheticians of the questions they encounter the most from their guests.
Because if someone else has asked, likely another wants to know! Read on for a little Salon
Herdis Q&A on exfoliation, and some good advice from our Spa Coordinator, Brittany Daigle! If we haven’t covered something you’d like more information,
comment below!

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