May FAQ’s from our Skin Therapists: Hormonal Breakouts

This month’s FAQ features treatments for hormonal skin concerns from Indigo Boroski

Hormonal acne occurs when there is a fluctuation in your estrogen and progesterone hormones. These pesky flare ups pop up (pun intended) around your chin and jawline. They mainly consist of red, painful bumps that may not even turn into a whitehead. This can be linked to many causes, much of which revolve around your fertility. Once you hit your 20’s you’re in your peak for fertility, which in turn means your hormones are also fluctuating. Around this time you also may start experiencing these flare ups around your menstrual cycle. After your 20’s your skin may begin to balance back out, but many women begin to experience flare ups again in their 50’s due to menopause!

Thanks to Eminence Organics, there is now a line specifically targeted for hormonal acne treatment and prevention called Eight Greens!


Eight Greens Phyto Mask (Hot)
This mask is great for a multitude of reasons. The specific variety of plants and seeds used to create this mask contain phytoestrogens that mimic the skin’s natural estrogens, and antioxidants that help balance out your skin and reduce the inflammation due to hormone imbalances. It also contains key ingredients like Flaxseed,  Linseed Oil, and  honey to help nourish and moisturize without clogging the pores.

Clear Skin Willow Bark Serum
This serum seriously packs a punch with its concentrated ingredients such as willow bark, tea tree oil, and eminence’s own BioComplex. Willow bark is a natural calming ingredient able to calm and soothe any irritated acne you may have. The tea tree oil is a staple among these ingredients as it is a natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide, which is used to treat acne, and is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 30
Voted Winner of Best Rejuvenating Facial for Men, the Red Currant Protective  Moisturizer is the perfect end to any breakout-prone skin skincare routine. Not only is it a moisturizer plus  an SPF but it also contains microencapsulated tea tree oil that slowly releases over time, keeping your skin feeling cool while also reducing the signs of breakouts!

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