March FAQ from our Spa Coordinator: Exfoliation

We took a survey among our estheticians of the questions they encounter the most from their guests.
Because if someone else has asked, likely another wants to know! Read on for a little Salon
Herdis Q&A on exfoliation, and some good advice from our Spa Coordinator, Brittany Daigle! If we haven’t covered something you’d like more information,
comment below!

Q:What does an exfoliator do and why do I need one?

A: Exfoliation is key to all skin care concerns, from dehydration to healthy aging benefits. Exfoliation can come in many different types, benefitting clients with sensitive skin, rosacea or even acneic skin. There are exfoliants that require manual application, exfoliants that are chemically based, and some that have both.

There is an exfoliant for EVERYONE, and EVERYONE should exfoliate!

Regular exfoliation removes the hardened, dead keratin layer of our skin, bringing vibrancy and clarity. When you remove the dead skin cells, your skincare regimen is actually effective – the serums, treatments and moisturizers really penetrate into your skin. Remember – no matter how expensive your products are or how much you use, no skin care product can penetrate dead skin cells. You cannot hydrate dead skin – which means even those of us with sensitive skin should still be exfoliating.

Eminence offers a wide array of exfoliants for any skin type that is out there. These exfoliants will extend the benefits of your custom therapeutic facial. Come visit us for a professional treatment and learn about all of the amazing and effective products Eminence offers!

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