June FAQs Straight From Our Stylists! Focus: Hair Styling

After talking to our stylists, we’ve realized there are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling your hair. Any look is dependent on your hair type, your lifestyle, and how much time you’re willing to spend on your hair.

Long-time stylist Alexander Paulsen says, “The one thing we see in all of today’s styles is movement and texture. Be it short, mid or mermaid long… hair today moves. If your style won’t flow and move, even if you have gotten out the blow dryer and styling products… you probably need to re-evaluate your cut! Be honest with yourself and your hair stylist about your expectations!”

Here are a couple frequently asked questions we hear around the salon:

At what age do I need to cut my hair short?

Your age doesn’t determine your haircut! “There is no age, it depends on your hair texture and face shape,” Colleen Kennedy, stylist explains.

I really want this style, but I don’t like to use product. How can I achieve it?

“The answer to this question is really dependent on the style.” Tamika Webster says, “In some cases with certain styles, products are a must. Whether it is to hold the style in place, have a sleek, smooth style or even a style that has to have texture.” If you are trying to achieve a certain style, work with your stylist!

“But more importantly, learn how to work with product! You may not see the same styling results at home that you do in the salon because you aren’t using the product correctly. There may be too much product, or uneven distribution.” Tamika suggests adding product as you move through smaller sections of your hair. “Put the product in your hand and rub it in like putting on lotion, so it is on the front and back of your hand. Then comb it through your hair using your hands. This will keep your hair from that weighed-down feeling!”

How can I replicate the blowout I get at the salon?

Stylist Cara Lenkowski gives us step-by-step instructions:

  1. “Blow dry hair without a brush until it’s 85-90% dry, focusing on the roots. This step can 
be done with just a dryer and hands or with a paddle brush. 

  2. Section hair into 3-6 sections with butterfly clips. 

  3. Start at the nape of the neck working your way up and through the sides. 

  4. Once you reach the top, blow dry everything going backwards for the most volume and 

  5. TIP: The longer you keep the section of hair on your brush, the better it will look. This is 
the cooling or “setting” part of the style that keeps your blow out looking good, longer. 

  6. Finish with Glow Dry Diamond Oil for dry/coarse hair or Shine Flash for finer hair. A quick spray of Pureology Strengthening Hair Spray finishes the look.”

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