Hair Trend: The “Earthy Undo”

Let’s be real, many of us have been subjected to the “one-size-fits-all updo”. Whether it be prom, special event, or wedding there’s been an updo that doesn’t quite fit your face or personal style, or quite frankly is dated. Luckily, a new look has been trending in the hair and fashion worlds.

The earthy undo is the solution to all your formal hair problems. The great thing about this look is that it can be tailored to your event and personal taste. The perfect earthy undo starts with a curling iron/wand and A LOT of texturizing spray. Loose, natural waves help create the appearance of more volume. Looking for more fullness? This look makes it easy to incorporate extensions. Strategically pin back your hair into a low bun, crown braid, or half up creation.

You can seriously maximize this look with some hair jewelry; decorative hair pins can be scattered throughout, embellished ribbon can be wound through, or a classic clip can anchor the more relaxed look. Bling not your style? Add a braid or two to the look for added interest, but don’t forget to loosen/pancake them up! We want to make sure the braid is creating dimension, not getting lost.

These undos are perfect for fall and winter events as they add a whimsical element without losing any elegance. We can help you find the perfect look for your event!

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