February FAQ’s Straight From Our Stylists: Hair Health

We took a survey among our stylists of the questions they encounter the most from their guests.
Because if someone else has asked, likely another wants to know! Read on for a little Salon
Herdis Q&A on hair health. If we haven’t covered something you’d like more information,
comment below!

Why is my hair so flat? How can I fix it?
Your hair has different needs during the summer as opposed to the winter and your shampoo
and conditioner should be changed to reflect that! “There is a range of reasons for this including
dryness in the winter, as well as the forced air heat in houses, diet change, activity level change,
and even ‘hat hair,’” says Ashley Aldrich, Salon Herdis stylist.

Despite your beauty routine, a good quality professional shampoo and conditioner is a great
base to start from. The frequency you wash and condition should be taken into consideration as
well! The sebaceous glands in your scalp provide natural oils and over-washing sends them into
overdrive. Ashley explains, “you have to trick them by not cleansing as often, so that the cycle
slows down and hair does not feel as greasy… overall your hair is happier to not be washed too

Why is my hair so staticky?
Stylist Tara Abramowicz explains, “hair static is directly linked to lack of moisture, especially this
time of year with our heat on in Massachusetts. Dry heat, dry hair. Extra moisture is needed!”

What the heck is sulfate-free shampoo?
Dylan Chartier, stylist gives us the 411, “sulfates are an ingredient found in detergents; most
floor cleaners have it. It’s what creates the lather you notice in your shampoo.” He goes on to
suggest some reasons why you should go without sulfates:

  1. “If you color your hair, you want it to last and be vibrant as long as possible. When you
    use a shampoo with sulfates you’re actually sudsing out the color you spent so much
    time and money on.
  2. Sulfate-free shampoos are also more gentle, so you will notice your hair retaining more if
    it’s natural oils. This can be wonderful for most people, particularly people with dry, frizzy
  3. If you shampoo every day, I highly recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo as you’re
    not going to be drying your hair out as intensely.”

Is it true that getting your hair cut regularly will help your hair grow?
Yes and no, your hair will grow no matter what! Salon Herdis stylist Tamika Webster tells us
more, “the problem is that the hair gets damaged and splits. If you don’t cut the split, damaged
ends off, the split will continue up the shaft and at some point break off. So, haircuts keep your
ends healthy so your hair is able to grow without breaking.”

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