March FAQ from our Spa Coordinator: Exfoliation

We took a survey among our estheticians of the questions they encounter the most from their guests.
Because if someone else has asked, likely another wants to know! Read on for a little Salon
Herdis Q&A on exfoliation, and some good advice from our Spa Coordinator, Brittany Daigle! If we haven’t covered something you’d like more information,
comment below!

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Reserving a Future Appointment

Picture this. It’s halfway through December and you’ve finally started to make a dent in your holiday shopping. You’re putting extra time in at work to have everything complete by the time winter vacation rolls around. You’re feeling good. Then you happen to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and suddenly you realize that there is something you forgot about. Your perfectly groomed eyebrows are now not-so-perfect and your hair hasn’t escaped the confines of its topknot in over two weeks… (but who’s counting)?

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